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Here are some twirlers that wear Twirlbee

products with pride 🙂

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Veronika Kadlecová from Czech Republic

Hi twirlers! 
I’m Veronika Kadlecová from the Czech Republic and I’ve been practising twirling since 2002. At the time I was holding a baton for the first time, I didn’t know that twirling was going to influence my life THAT much. In Czechia, many people don’t have coaches and they must make everything on their own – I’m not an exception. It’s getting better today, but when I was little, it was very difficult. I practice alone in Czechia, but I can’t forget people I cooperate with, who have taught me so much and who constantly support me – Christine Bel and Pascal Dumas from France. They made me a twirler I am today and they were always here for me! They inspire me.

No words can describe my love and passion for baton twirling. There were many moments in my career when I thought that it would not be possible to continue – my first year at high school, first year at university, final years etc. But I have learned one thing and it is that baton twirling is not only a sport for me, but a way of life (that is why I love one of Twirlbee’s designs with that quote ;-)). I can’t imagine my life without baton twirling!!

I’m still a competitive athlete with some plans ahead – if I should pick some of my achievements, it would be 56x National Champion of the Czech Republic, 6x European Champion in one of my favourite disciplines called Show Twirl (I also love to combine twirling with some kind of art and I love to create some story), 4x World Cup gold medallist, World Cup bronze medallist and European Cup gold, silver and bronze medallist.

Besides competing I’m also a coach of my own group of twirlers. They’re successful in my country and they make me so proud! I’m also a certified teacher of NBTA Europe and I give clinics not only across my country, but also all over the Europe. I’m a livestream commentator too and each year I organise summer camps for Czech twirlers and majorettes. I’m planning to launch something this year – what it is you can find out if you follow me 😉

Let’s be honest, the older you get, the more nervous you can be sometimes at competitions (because you think more :-D). In such situation, I always think of all nice words people told me and I always say to myself that I twirl for that little girl who fell in love with this sport and I perform for her and for others who I may inspire and they are looking up to me, so I can’t disappoint them – that is the most important for me. My message for all twirlers willing to start with this beautiful sport: The journey is tough, but never look back, never stop, only go forward and push yourself harder and harder. Never give up and dream big! Because dreams do come true if you work hard 😉

Make sure you follow her also on her Instagram @twirlveronique and Facebook Veronika Kadlecová.

Twirl Mania team Slovenia 2020 – Orlando, Florida USA

Maruša Ledinek, Nika Vetrih, Eva Mlaker, Leja Gorjup

Their performance was amazing! They won 4 gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze medal. Great job, girls!

More to come soon!